DATE: April 1, 1945-May 31, 1945


.r::- 4*-^

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V, '93^ C^^

\ olume 10

INDEX, April 1945


AC'CXll'MS BURE-M' Srr Treasury

l>partmer.t, \nRI('ULTX'RE DEPARTMENT

Entaviokiffy (I'nd Pla'.t Quara'i-

tfie B'ureau Fa'-m Crrdxt /drnint'f --atio'; Fa'-'m Sem^tty Adnnnist'^atifiv . Fedr-^al C^op In'u^ Corpn'a-

t:<,"i Hii'al F.lert'i'iCiaui'i Aiiviinis-

t'at\o'i War Food Adrn'ii'-f atio'i . ^:irpl\is propfTty. disposal of

Desifmntldn as disposal agenry

.S>f Surplus Property Board iJ.yposa! authority with respect to agricultural and forest real property delegated to Oover- noT of Farm Credit Adminis- tration.. _-


Copyrights, licensing transactions. . \>stlng orders

Ar.dermann, Priedn

Anrtermann. George .. .

n.ichman, Hertha FMedn K

Harnbeck. Anna

Herger Arpad

Bernstein Leo (Israel)

Bernstein. Sigmund

Bcrtuccl. Joseph C

B rkowltz. WiUiani

B.ilh, Elizabeth iMrs Joseph)

H^'th, Terez (Theresiel .

Braun. Gertrude Weng ^.

Bieitman Bernard

Central American Plfimailons

Corp - _ .

Chnstensen, Christ

C ipyrlghts

Hungarian motion picture f^lni

owners .

Japanese motiwu picture film

owners _ _

Dcmartml (De Martini i, Juseph..

Disielhorst. William

iJoinmerque. FYanz J

Edenhcfer, Hildegard Klein

Edenhofer. Jacob (Jack)

E nies. Else

tiiass. WUUam F . ..

Hallier. Anna ._ ..

Havemann. Richard

Heck. Michael Robert

He rz, Mark us .

Koffmeyer, L .

Hubbard, Alice Gray

Huber. Mrs Jakob

H itjgler. Anna

Jacobson. S<.5ren

Jaeger. Adeline

Johannes. Otto

Kalle & C<i A G

4 647


4-72 4672 404 5 4160 41 HO 3651 3f'51 3927 4613 Ho66 3.S66 4<j45 4160


3*; 50

3651 4161 4045 4161 3880 3880 4C71 4613 4672 4161 3B79 4614 4675 392H 4113 4614 3927 4162 4162 4273

The Ci d'.ncatiOTi Guide.

con Slit-


,f a numerical list

of thr


nis of the Code of

Federal ,

1 KeOU

latiuns affected by documents ]

1 pubh

<}ied durvia the period

covered \

; bv t>

i- indij. begins on

page 20.


AIJEN PROPER rV' CUSTODIAN -C or. Vi sting orders Continued,

K;ni*hlta, Sakulrhl :'°'8

K:o,<:termftnn Henry 4164

K'>eh:er, Bertha 3928

Koeiuc M;i,nl.' 4213

Krue, Ainalia F 4675

K:7,ewickl, Adam i r<937

1 aub, EllZAbeth 4162

I,e',mbru('k .Anita 4045

Lexow E.i^e 4614

l.'.iy. A W Inc 35P6

Mann, Enulie 4676

Mai.r. Frank D 4615

Mareli.i, Chri? 4672

Marton There/ia ;<566

M .rx Eh.ise Castle . ._. 4'P3

Mht.Miria I (Ishlchil 4044

Melrhii r Alexander 4u45

Meyer ThmnasC 4615

Mincyer i MInzer ), Albert Bela 4163

M leller Charles 4163

Muher. Amalia. 4045

Nawllcki, Joseph 3928

Neumann Use.. _, 4159

Nicisen, Ai,::e Durtithea Mai-

grethe 3-27, William 3879

Niibel Wilhelmme _ 3652

Otienbacher. Esther. . 4164

Ore f; Chemical Corp 4113

Orlob, Josephine 4272

Oiiob, William ... 4272

Qith, Caroline Sophie 4673

Pasche, Henry Josef 4n73

Pateiitb, Germany:

Aktiebolaget Kemiska Patenter. 4274

American Lurgi Corporation 4274

Bfk Ernst Gideon 4274

Car' br< ns'e Rohrenwerke Ge-

.'-ehschaft m. b, H 4273

I G, Farbenlndustrle 4275

I., Iff Jakob 4274

Luri^i Apparatebau G. m b H. 4272,

4275 Lurt'i Gesellschaft fur Cheni.e

ui.d Hiutenwesen m b H._ 4272.

4274.4275 Lurt-,! Cjcseiischaft fur Warmc-

technik m. b. H 4272 4275

Mctallgeselbchaft A. G 4272.

4274, 4275

Stelnb.xk, A G 4274

Nos. 6ft-^3

Page ALIEN PROPERTY CUSTODIAN -Con. W' oruers Continued

Peifinl, J,;hn Emilio (Gk- vanr.i i . . 4676

Prell, Mane . . 4209

Rer.ner, Frederick O 4616

Resuch Lculsa 4672

Robrecht, A;bcrt-_. 3567

Robrecht. Wilhelm 3567

Rx'ca JohnA (Jack GiacomoA.). 4673

Sauer, Bertha 4616

Sawlenske, 4210

Schmidt, Ernest 4045

Srhmldt Gertrud C 4210

Sempie, W.;.iam f _ 3927

Stclnei Anna 4«16

S'.ieger Vmcen' 4674

S-ork Ida 4669

Stuinpf Marie 4045

laeliapletra Teresa C 4670

Takara, Chiyoko.. 4275

Uesugl Siimio 4210

Veeck, Hi;de_ 4670

Velth, Edward G 4670

\ernon, FVii.i.y LawTence "9:8

V !i Albertl Edward 4.:;

\ ;i Schlotheim, Mabel Pame. .. 4211

Wpickeri, George. _. 4'2'. 2

Wendel, Emma 4212

W.lUams, Nellie C 4212

WoUersheiir., Leonaiu - 4213

WwUpert, Ju'.ia E 4*-" "4

WoUstem. Gertrude 46'4

Yamamoto. B (Eddie) 4: "5

Zadek Herrmann 46"!

^-lerchcr Mary 42', ^

Zurcher Kreszcnz 4^', 4



P:oc. aimed list Revision IX Cuir.u- Supplement 2 3796



Dl*-posa! of condemned mr.! n:ftt'e»- regulations Issued jcir.tly w:th

Poet Office Department 3560

CHILD HEALTH DAY 1945 (Proclan.a-

t'on 2647 i 4009


Crippled children: diagnostic serv- ices 3562

CITIES SERVICE REFINING CORPO- RATION, posseseicn and operatioj-j by Petroleum Administratcir o! jiiants and facilities located in and aiound Lake Charles La authcr-

ized (Executive Order 9540 . 4193

CIVIL AERONAUTICS ADMINISTRA- TOR; A;rway traffic control area.--, desti,'-

nations, etc 3s'41 4593

Civil airwayr.: designations, etc.. by4i 4:92

Rari;o fixes; designations, etc 39^1 ^b^i

620t0- 4S



TXnFY 4nri7 1945

TKniTY Ant-il IQdH

INDEX, April 1945


Air carrier rules. niuUieugme air- craft operation over water - 4238 Opcratnig certlflcatlon

Competeucy requirements ft>r nrst pilots, at certain air- ports; mcdlflcatlon . 3795

MviltlenKine aircraft require- ments for operation over

w.ucr 4^88

Piis8enk,'er nnnimum requlre-

mei'.ts ._- 4288

A.rmi'U physical standards for.

third class _ .. - . - 3795

Airplane airworthiness, mul'ienglne airplanes not certitlcated in the transport caie^ory. mcxllfled per- formance requirement - 3793 AIa.slta; hearings on air transporta- tion of mall, properly, etc, by

certain airlines . 4008

Mall certmration by P().Ht master

Oen'-rtxl, Juneuu-Ketchlkan 4509,

4547 4668 Hearums. etc

Alaska COKsial Airlines... 4509

Bianiff Airway*, Inc 3649

KllLS Air Transport 4r308

Ketchikan Air Service 4508

I.meiia Aerea.s M'Xlcanas. 3 A. . - 4668

National Airlines, Inc 3718

Waterman Airlines, Inc, (Latin

American csiset - 3718

InvestiKatlon of aircraft accident uc- cuirlnK near Morganlown. We■^it Virginia - 4209


Probational appointn\enl of persons who lost opportunity for .such appointment because of entry Into armed farces, certification authorized (Executive Order

9538 1 . 4057

Veterans' preference; appeals under Veterans' Preference Act ut 1944,

regulations amended 4194

War service regulatlona; rating and

elUtbility. - - 3507

COAL MINES, possession and opera- tion of Srr Interior Depart- ment


Coast Guard Auxiliary, regulatlon.s

revised -- 4:^56

Coast Guard Roserve: temporary of- ficers, appointment and promo- tion . .. --- 4065

Inspection and navigation

ESmergency regulations; deck ofll- cers' proficiency In communi- cations, waiver of certain re- quirements regarding certifi- cates of Inspection In case of vessels engaged In war busi- ness - 3562

Equipment, approvals of nusct-1-

laneous items 3937,4191,4251,4589 Marine engineering.

Materials; seamless copper pipe. 3697 Piping systems seamless copjier

pipe 3697

MotorboatB, numbering of 4266

Ocuan and coastwise, metallic life- boats manufactured by Globe American Corporation, waiver of Inspection regulations to permit use on vessels con- nected with ccnduct of war.. 4666 Seaman s document, new simpli- fied; notice of public hearing with respect to proposed amendments to provide for,. 3880 Tank vessels :

General provisions: definition of teim ' Re:d vapor pres- sure" 3562

COAST GUARD— Continued.

In.spectlon and navigation Con. Tank vesselts Continued

Llfe.Havmg appliances, speciflra- tluiis, waiver of regulations to permit use of metallir, lifeboats manufactured by Globe American Corpora- tion on vessels connected

with Conduct of war .

Waivers of navigation and inspec- tion laws for vessels engaged in war business: Dffk omcers. proficiency In comn.u meat ions, certifi- cates of inspection

LifftiMiits, metallic. manuf:i' - tuied by Globe American Corporation, use on certain vessfls .


Scr CnU A'Tunautics Admrii'itrator.

Cv \l ArronautWf Board Surplu.s property disposal

Ues'gnation a<< disposal a^'^ncy.

See Surplu.s Pro[)<Tiy Board Ofnce f)f Surplus Property of Pro- curement Divi.sion of Treasury Dtpartment transferred (Ex- ecutive Order 95411



Whe;it flour

U»44 le vocal ion

1945' 46 -

P.iynient programs: canned f(M)d8 prodtired from designated vege- tables agreement wuh canneis


Res'rictlons on purchase, sule and use of cotlon-seed, 1914 crop. termination , -

CON7R\CT SETTLEMENT, OFFICE OF Statement c f Cost Principles regard- ing fixed-price oupply con- tracts, I'ermlnatlon CiiSt Mem- orandum U . .











Page DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION OFFICE OF Continued Commercial motor vehicles, new, ra- tioning of See Rationing, main headfig Joint action plan? submission of in listed areas. See Motor vehicle services, coordination Line haul service: collection and de- livery of shipments: Ixjulfilana. Shreveport area New Mexico:

Ratcjii aiea

Roswell area .-. 3881

Texas. Waco area 4369

M itnr vehicle services, coordination; Freight .services

ABC Truck Lines. Inc

Als Auto Express

Alabama Moving & Storage Co..

American Trucking Co 468

Arlzt)na Expres.-, Inr 37(^

Ashfork Water Works A: Trans- fer .

Associated Traasport. Inc.. Atlantic States Motor Line*, Inc.

Auto Express

Baltimore Transfer Co of Balti- more City


Customs ports of enfr-;. Marshfleld Ciri'Knii name changed ui Coos

Bay Oregon.

Customs regula'ions-

Articles conditionally free, subject

to reduced rate, etc

nvr\wt)!ick- .

Information. dl<<clos\ire tt, cu.i- tfims records and d^^uments. Linbtllty for duties:

Invoices: when not required Landing and delivery of articles for which immediate deliv- ery Is neceFsary

LUiuldatlnn of duties .

Tran.'pnrtation in bond and mer- chandise in transit - Warehou''es. bonded smelting, withdrawal for exportation from one port to be credited on warehouse ledger accotint

nt another p'lrt.

Wo<il invfiices





4289 4289

4239 3902


3.')65 3721



Livestock slaughter payments . 4241

Authority to make See Economic Stabilization. Office of Petroleum compensatory adjust- ments; mid-continent crude 4108

DEFTOISE TRANSPORTA^nON, OF- FICE OF: Authority, delegations of: Railway Transport Department, Assist- ant Director to issue certain special permits 4360



467H 370.=. 388S*


4'-H 46H. 370'


Barker D F 454)'

Batson Transfer Co -

Bedwell Truck Line.

Bennett's Transportation Co

Benison Bros

Bent ley Express Co , Inc 37(4

Bmghamton Windsor Freight


Blue & Gray Transportation

C^j 3573, 46:

Bonlfleld Brothers Truck Unes.



45.V) 2W:



Bos Freight Line. Inc 411

Bowser Truck Line. Inc.


4t^H i 4.'>4:i

39S'.' 370,^ 3B8..

4374 4i;4

3j7; 3707 3 '74

4,r; 4J':

4678 4371 39H9


Bra.swell. J J ^BM

Brazle. Royal M ..

Brooks Transpt)rtatlon Co . Inc Bruner. Max, Truck Line - Brunner Bros. Storage Ware

house.- -'

Ciuion, Frank J

Chastain Transfer Line

Checker Van A Storage Co 357,=l

Clinton Transfer it Storage Co.. 411^

Clipper City Transit Co 37('7

Cochrane Transportation Co

Commercial Motor Freight, Inc.

Conncctlcut Transfer, Inc

Cjpe. H. B

Corbin Transfer & Coal Co

C<.urier Express, Inc

Coward, C A

Crants. Elmer H

Crews, L T. Truck Lines.

CroUGe. Ira ..

Dart Moving Co

Dayton-Chllllcothe Transporta- tion Co

Dicks Express 3575

Dicks Van <t Storage.. 3575

Dixie Ohio E:xpres6 Co 3573

Dijwless, T. C 3705

Doyle Freight Lines 39CK1

Driver, Q D . Moving and Stor- age Co

Eddins Truck Line

England Bros Truck Line 4116

Faltln. J. E, Motor Transporta- tion. 39^^

Far-Go Truck Lines 3578

Farrar. W P - 3^79

Faultless Trucking Co 3705

Fayettevllle Transfer Co 4.tH

Ferguson Transfer Co 4215

Ferrell's Greene Freight Line.. 3992 Fidelity Storage and Warehouse

Co . Inc 4i':i

Fulford Van and Storage C<.>


Gateway City Transfer Co , Inc.

C;eneral Transfer Co

Glbsoa Transfer Co

3575 37-74

4:. 7-1 45'4 4215


OF Continued Motor vehicle services, coordination Continued. Freight services Continued

Glendenning Motorways. Inc . 3576 Gordon Storage Warehouses,

Inc 4512

Great Coastal Express. Inc 4680

Great Neck Storage Co.. Inc 4510

Green Bay-Chicago Lines 3707

Greenwood Transfer & Coal Co 3707

Oner. W R.Jr.. •46fe0

Hancock Truck Lines Inc 3571

Hargls Truck Unes, Inc 3578

Hams Express -. .-- 3992

Harris Truck Line 4550

Hartman 8 Lebanon Transporta- tion Co.. 3577

Harvln. C. A Jr . Truck Line.. 3703.

3ti89 Hayes Freight Lines. Inc... 3571. 3703

Henderson. A. E , Truck Line... 4117

HerrinKton. Wallace 4548

Hess Motor Express 4511

Highway Motor Freight. Inc.. . 4512

Hodge. Cecil 3703, 3884, 3989, 4550

Holland Transfer and Storage.. 4373

Hooks Motor Lines 4680

Howard Transfer Van and Stor- age Co.. - 4373

Howard Truck Lines .. 3«85

Hunt Freight Lines 4678

Inter-City Trucking Co 3578

Inter-Stat« Motor Freight Syt-

tenT 3992

Jack-Green Co, Inc 4117

Jackson Transfer Co 42!7

Jackson Truck Lines 3885

Johnson Freight Lines. Inc. . . 3573

Johnson. J. H. 3885

Jones Transfer Co, Inc 4117

Jones Transfer Line 3707

Kelley, Pred G. Inc 3883

Kelly Freight Line 37oi

L A 8 Delivery & Transfer . 3705

Lambert Transfer Co.. 3702

Lancaster Transportation Co.. 3577

Lawson Trucking Co 4551

Lees. W. C . Transfer 3700

Lee Way Motor Freight, Inc ... 4116

Lelcht Transfer A Storage Co.. 3707

Lyon Van A Storage Co 3581

McLean Trucking Co, Inc 4680

McMath, J L, Truck Line . 4117

Mahan, Elzle H 4114

Malone Freight Lines. Inc 4513

Martin. T. D. Truck Line 4117

Matthews. O L 4217

Mauldln. H. H . Truck Lines 4678

Mcnning A Son 4511

Mercury Motors. Inc 4116

BtflUer. O T, Truck Lines 3571

Moland Bros. Trucking Co 3576

Monflls Transfer and Truck

Line 3707

Moore, L P 4117

Motor Express, Inc 3574

Motor Freight Express 4215

Mozingos Transfer 3580

Murray Transfer Co 3579

Naglee Transportation, Inc 4375

National Freight Lines, Inc 4115

National Motor Express. Inc 3704

Nevada Central Motor Lines.

Inc 4679

Nevr Pennsylvania Motor Kx-

pre««, Inc 3577

Niagara Motor Kxpreas. Inc 4514

Nile* Carting 3992

Northern Transportation Co 3707

Nunn, P. O 4372

Olson Transportation Co 3707

Owl Transfer Co 3581

Pacific Freight Lines 3701

Painter. Harold 4114

Pan Tranafer 3706

Palmer Transfer Co 4215

Palmetto Motor Express Lines.. 4216

Parrlsh Dray Line, Inc 3884. 4553

INDEX, AprU 1945

Page DEFllNSE TRANSPORTATION, OFFICE OF Continued. Motor vehicle servioes, coordination- Continued Freight services Continued

Peters Transfer A Storage Co.. 3707

Plerce-Rodolph Storage Co . Ltd. 3581

Pleg Transfer.. 3707

Prairie State Motor Freight Co. 3703

Prescott Transfer A Storage Co. 3701

TiAbf Brothers 3883

Raeford Trucking Co 3700

Rf.wlin.s<.in Truck Lines 3885

Red Ball Transfer Co 4215, 4512

R*d Ball Van Lines 4510

Relmers Transfer 3707

Reliable Transfer Co 4217

Revels. C J. So"!

Richards. John 4117 A Co . Inc 357R

Roberts Express. Inc 3705 3990

Rocco Van & Storage Co . 3883

Rodger's Motor Lines. Inc.. 3706.4677

Rohweder Truck Lines. Inc 4374.


Rutherford Freight Lines. Inc.. 42:6

San Francisco Storage Co 3581

Sanders Jesse. Transfer Co 3702

S-hlottman Transfer 3991

Schneider Transport A Storage,

Inc 3707

Service Freight Lines 3576

Shanks Truck Line 3991

Shirks Motor Express Corpora- tion 3572

Short Freight Lines 3^90

Silver Fleet Motor Express. Inc. 3573 Su-)ne. Roy. Transfer Corpora- tion 454fl

Stone's Express, Inc 4551

Suddath Moving and Storage Co .

Inc 4373

Summerford Truck Line 454D

Taylor Express and Truck Lines. 3992 Thomas, R. P. Trucking Com- pany. Inc 4548

Tidewater Express Lines. Inc 3580

Trl-State Transportation Co 4374.


Underbill. Emily C .. 4114

Underhill. Hubert J 4114

Valentine's Express Co 38?3

Valley Motor Lines. Inc 4679

Van Home. Howard 4114

Van's M\3tor Express . 4514

Vlcksburg Transfer A Storage

Co 3991

Ware. Lester 3885

Weber's Motor Freight Express. . 4376

Welghley Transfer Co 4514

Welch, Robert Carl 3702

West Shore Express 4215

Wheeler Transportation Co 3707

White E E 4512

White Line Express 4677

Whitworth. C. E 4371

Williams. B. F.. Truck Lines 3571

Wilson Storage and Transfer Co . Federal Manager of Proper-

fles of 4374

Wing's Express. Inc 3705

Winkler's. John, Sons. Inc 4510

Wooleyhan Transport Co 3572. 4376

Wygal. Merle M 4114

Yarnall Warehouse and Transfer

Co.. Inc 4373

Yates Van A Storage 3675

Yellow Transfer Co 4215

Yopp. Herbert B 3580

York Motor Express Co 3580. 4215

Joint action plans:

Freight serTlces: companies listed. See Preight services, a bore. Taxicab operators, various areas:

Colorado; Boulder 3886

Idaho; Lewtston 3886

Montana; Billings 3885

New York: Newburgh area 4164

Oregon; Coos Bay and North

Bend area 4166,4551

Page DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION OFFICE OF Continued Motor vehicle service* coordination Continued Passenger services: Companlec:

Coswell Coach Lu:ie. Inc 4369

Interstate Transportation Co. 4369 Routes: Providence. R I -Tf.ur.-

ton. Mass 4''68

Mittor traffic direction See Traffic

movement direction Rationing of new commercial motor vehicles See Rationing, motn heading. Traffic movement direction :

Exceptions, permits, etc ; move- ment of asphalt, asphhltum or tar in railway tank cars . . . 3648

Motor trani-portation from or within designated areas: Insh potatoes 45(5


ECONOMIC STABILIZATION. OFFICE OF: Economic Stabilization Board; desig- nation of Federal Loan Admin- istrator and War Food Adminis- trator as members of lEitefu-

tive Order 9534) 3G€7

Support prices: authorization of cer- tain Government agencies to make subsidy payments etc : Defense Supplies Corporation; livestock slaughter payments: Additional, for cattle slaugh- tered on and after April 1,

1945 3561

For cattle slaughtered on and

after May 1 1945 4494

Price Administration Office of; certain acts in support of livestock slaughter payment

program 44C4

War Food Administration and or Commodity Credit Corpora- tion : Canned vegetables, 1944 pack:

extension of period 4108

Dairy production, 1945; April

rates of payment ... 41C8

Sugar. 1945:

Hawaiian cane sugar produc- tion program 4545

Puerto Rican raw sugar pro- duction and purchase program ggigi


Fellowships in teacher education, for teachers from other Ameri- can Republics: regulations re- scinded 4612

EMERGENCY BOARDS, to investigate and report on disputes between certain railroads and their em- ployees. See National Mediation Board .

EMPLOYEES' COMPENSATION COM- MISSION, UNITED STATES: War Department authorlSEed to proc- ess claims, make payntente of benefits, etc.. in case of civilian employees In Australia and Southwest Pacific area 4008

ENGINEERS. CORPS OF. See War De- partment.

ENTOMOLOGY AND PLANT QUAR- ANTINE BUREAU: Quarantine notices, domestic; Mex- ican frultfly 4253


Airport, at Redmond, Oregon, con- trol of. See War Department.

Cities Service Refining Corporation, possession and operation of. See Petroleum Administrator.


INDEX, AprU 1945







EXBCXmVE ORDERS— Continued. Civil Service; probatlonal appoint- ment of persons who lost oppor- tunity for sucii appointment because of entry Into armed forces, certification authorteed

(E0 9538) - *°'"

Coal mines, possession and opera- tion of. See Interior Depart- ment. Commerce Department; transfer to of Ofllce of Surplus Property of Procurement Division, Treasury

Department (BO 9541)-.- *»3

Economic Stabilization Board; desig- nation of Federal Loan Admin- istrator and War Food Adminis- trator as members (DO 9534) .-- Federal Loan Administrator; desig- nation as member of Economic Stabilization Board (BO 9634) .- Foreign Service. See State Depart- ment. Interior Department; possession and operation of certain coal mines

authorized (BO 9538) 3939

Delegation of authority and orders resi^ctmg. See Interior De- partment. National War Labor Board. Increase In public members of (BO 9535) - Navy Department; possession and operation of plants and facilities of United Engineering Company. Ltd.. San Francisco, Calif. (BO


Petroleum Administrator; posses- sion and operation of plants and facilities of Cities Service Re- fining Corporation, located In and around Lake Charles, La.,

ftuthorlmed (BO 9M0) 4193

Reconstruction Finance Corpora- 4 tlon: designation as agency to act with respect to securities acquired by United States under provisions of Transportation Act. 1930, In connection with loans to Seaboard Railway sys- tem (EO 9643) **13

SUte Department, Foreign Service: Regulations; appointment of em- ployees, prior order amended

(EO 9537)

Warren. Avra M.. reinstatement

(Executive Order 9539) 4057

Treasury Department:

Office of Surplus Property of Pro- curement Division transferred to Department of Commerce

(BO 9641) *253

Securities acquired by United States in connection with loans to Seaboard Railway sys- tem, designation of agency to handle. See Reconstruction Finance Corporation. United Engineering Comparfy, Ltd.. possession of. See Navy De- partment. War Department; control of air- port leased to City of Redmond. Oreg.. authorized (EO 9544)..- War Food Administrator; designa- tion as member of Economic Stabilization Board (EO 9534)--

FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION— Continued. Federal land banks; notice of call for redemption of 3V4 percent con- solidated Federal farm loan

bonds of May 1, 1945-55 4042

Surplus agricultural and forest real property, dUposal of; delegation of authority to Governor by #ec-

retary of Agriculture 4647


Tenant purchase loans; designation

of counties:




Corinth Broadcasting Co.. Inc---

Crosley Corp

Field. Henry (KFNF) 3877

Grlmwood. Fred O 4364

Hearst Radio. Inc. (WINS) 4246

KFNF. Inc 387B

Midwest Broadcasting Co. - 3877


4407 4053

4363 4246





.. 4244






FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION : Administrative officers: Director of Emergency Crop and Feed Loan' Division, authority and func- tions 3901,

Authority of Assistant Director and Chief of Credits and Col- lections, to act In absence of

Director --- - 3901, 4031

Delegation of authority to regional managers

Spottswood, John M Rules and regulations:

Non-broadcasting radio stations; deletion of requirement to commence construction with- in 60 days from grant of per- mit -

ReporU of broadcast licensees;

financial, ownership, etc

Uniform system of accounts, Class A and Class B telephone com- panies; contributions of tele- phone plant

War emergency radio service; ex- pansion of use of civilian de fense stations FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE CORPO- RATION : Corn crop Insurance; Insurance


Cotton crop Insurance; Insurance


FEDERAL LOAN ADMINISTRATOR : Member of Economic Stabilization Board, designation as (Execu- tive Order 9534)-- 3667


Arkansas Power & Light Co 4«e8

Central nUnols Public Service Co. 3564

Central Power and Light Co 4271

Cities Service Gas Co 3778, 3878

Companla Electrlca Matamoros,

g \ 4271

Kentucky Natural Gas Corp 3664,

3778, 4366 Kentucky West Virginia Gas Co.- 4365 Leominster Electric Ught & Power

(jq 3987

Middlesex County Electric Co 398/

Northern Natural Gas Co 3778

Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co.- 3564 PltUburgh & West Virginia Gas

Co --- *365

Wachusett Electric Co 3987

FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY: See Education, Office of.

Food and Drug Administration ^ PuX)lic Health Service. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION: Cease and desist orders:

AUln. R Fred. - 8517

American Arts J»**

Barth. Samuel-. 3807

Bellnky. Walter 8607

Berger, W. A-- 3517

Boker, H., & Co.. Inc. (N. J.) 3606

Boker. H.. & Co., Inc. (N. Y.) 3606

Bonded Jewelers of America 4414

Bortz Ac Co -- 4417

Bortz, Solomon A 4417

Braunsteln. Max 3964


Page FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION— Continued. Cease and desist orders Continued.

Bullock, Edward W - 4414

Caftero, Joaeph S 3670

Caflero, Madeline. 3670

Cell Malk, Inc 4594

Coast Fishing Co 4061

Commercial Art Co "3942

Control ProducU Co 3869

Corbett, Oliver J 3796

Crown Novelty House 4415

Dietzgen, Eugene, Co 3517

Drl-Kleen Co 3607

Farben, Louis 4531

Florman, A. M., & Bro 3607

Florman, Arthur M 3607

Florman, Leo- 3607

Frederick Post Co 3517

Gold Star Novelty House 4531

Goldberg, Jacob 4415

Goldberg, May 425.5

Goldberg, Samuel J 4255

Goldstein. William G- 3941

Gotham Premium Novelty Co 3798

Orlffln, J. Claud 3942

Interstate Home Equipment Co.,

Inc 3941

Johnston, Gladys -- 4414

Kane, Benjamin N 3941

Kane, Irwin E 3941

Keller, Karl L 3617

Kepler, Henry C 3796

Keuffel * Ewer Co 3517

Kohn, Walter A 3517

Krauskopf. Manfred R 3517

Lee. Royal 3515

Lekas & Drlvas, Inc 4415

Leven, Samuel 3941

Llpson, Reuben 3941

Magglonl, Joseph O 3670

Mkgglonl. L. P.. * Co 3670

Marine ProducU Oo 4417

Modem Art Co 3942

Montgomery Ward ft Co., Inc 4533

Morris, Callle E 3669

National Retail Tea ft Coffee Mer-

chanU Assn.. Inc 3796

Norman Co - 426.S

Ostrex Co.. Inc 3753

Parker, Arthur L-. 3517

Pease. C. F.. Co 3517

Progressive Portrait Co 3942

Rlea. Daniel G 3942

Rudd Mfg. Co 3964

Rudovsky, Samuel 3964

Scientific Apparatus Makers of

America 3517

Surveylng-Draftlng-Coaters Sec- tion r-_- 3517

SokolofT. Benjamin 3798

Sorrrils. Floyd Irl 4416

Speldel. Charles W 1 3517

Speldel. Charles W.. ft Co 3617

Steinberg. Harry--- 4061

Steuerman Advertising Agency 375:*

Steuerman. David and Lillian 3753

Susquehanna Pen Oo 4417

Texas Tasty Co 441fi

Trust Service Co.. 4417

Try-Me Coffee Mills 3796

Vitamin Products Co 3515

Well. Edwin H.- 3517

Well. J.U.. ft Co- - 3517

Well. Jacob H. 3517

Yanowltz. Irving 3798

Hearings, etc.:

Adlerlka Co 377ii

Celanese Corporation of America-. 4909

Cheml-Culture Laboratories 3779

Crown Manufacturers Association

of America 3B2fl

Del Mar Cannlr^f Co. --- SSes

Gattls Chemical Co ^ 377<5

Hovden Food Products Corp 4366

Le« Products 3779

Lleberman. MUton L 3779

National Electric Manufacturers

Brunlng, Brunlng,

Charles, Paul J-

Co.. Inc.

3517 8517


National Seal-Seep Co..

35*^ =



FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION— Continued. Hearings, etc. Continued.

Profeaaional Products Corp 3779

Seal-Seep Service Division 3779

Bosenzweig. George A 8779

Beal-Seep Service Co 3779

Southern California Flah Corp... 3565


See Public Roads Administration.

Surpliu property disposal; designa- tion as disposal agency. See Surplus Property Board.

FISCAL SERVICE. See Treasury De- partment. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE: Alaska; commercial fUherles:

Purse seines 4042

Salmon, herring, etc., fishing; des- ignated areas:

Kodlak 4042

Southeastern Alaska:

Icy Strait District 4042

Western District 4042

Traps- - 4042

National wildlife refuges, regula- tions:

Authority of Director 4267

Entry upon refuges 4267

Pishing 4267

Public htmtlng 4267

Surplus animals and products, sale

of - 4267

FISHERIES COORDINATOR, OFFICE OP: Salmon canning Industry, In Alaska. 4506

FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION : Asparagus, canned; definitions and

standards of Identity. _ 8778

Tea standards; effective until April

30, 1948-. 4133


Regulations prior to revision 3799

Revised regulations 4418

Blanket license (BLT) 4488

See also Technical data, below.

Denial of licensing privileges 4486

General licenses 4465

See also Selected destinations; Technical data, below.

General regulations 4418

Individual licenses.. 4478

See also Selected destinations,

below. Revocation of certain licenses. See Revocation, below. Limited production license ^or

farm machinery (LPL) 4489

Selected destinations clearance

procedure 4482

Shipment of certain licensed ex- ports to certain destina- tions, procedure 4486

Technical data 4484

Unlimited licenses... 4478

Revocation of certain Individual licenses authorizing exporta- tion of malt 3798

FOREIGN SERVICE. See State De- partment.


Timber, cutting of in national for- ests; limitations to be prescribed by Chief of Forest Service 8876

Trespassing horses; removal from

Modoc National Forest 4545


GENERAL LAND OFFICE: Air -navigation site withdrawals;

Utah 4508

Alaska, public lands In. See Lands,

public. Coal lands; leases, permits, etc. See

Mineral lands.

INDEX, April 1945

Page GENERAL LAND OFFICE Continued. Lands, public; tranafers, withdraw- als, etc.: Alaska:

Canadian-Alaskan Military Highway; withdrawal re- duced, and releaaed lands made subject to application

by veterans, etc 4041

Classification; partial revocation of EO 6B57, and released lands made subject to ap- plication by Teterans, etc.. 4244 Interior Department; prosecu- tion of the war '. 3647

Military reserratlons; certain lands made lubject to EO

8102 4505

Town site piupoaes; EO 1919 >'2 and EO 3672, partial rev- ocation 4605

Arkansas; restoration of certain lands reserved for power pur- poses, for ^ipUcatton by vet- erans, etc 4866

Colorado; War Department, ex- change of land in connection with Coddoa Dam atui Reser- voir 4041

New Mexico:

Agriculture Department; for use in connection with Taos Project and Grazing District

No. 1.. 4110

Lands opened to application, entry, etc., by veterans and

general public 4110

Utah: classification. FLO 256 modi- fied to Include certain addi- tional lands 4505

Mineral lands: Coal:

Leases 3775

Prospecting permits 8775

Potassium; prospecting permits 3647

Small tracts, for home, health, busi- ness sites, etc.:

Leases 3776

Leasing of; delegation of authority to Registers of district land

offices 3778

Veterans; preference rights 3776

Stock driveway withdrawal; New Mexico, Taos Project and Graz- ing District No. 1 4110

Veterans; preference rights. See Lands, public; Small tracts. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY:

Power site classifications; North Platte River and tributaries. Colorado and Wyoming 8563


IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZA- TION SERVICE Immigration regulations; removal of distressed aliens from the United States 4011


Flathead Indian Irrigation Project, Montana: operaticm and main- tenance charges:

Flathead Irrigation District 4533

Jocko Valley Irrigation District... 4533 Mission Irrigation District 4533

INTERIOR DEPARTMENT: See Fish and Wildlife Service.

Fisheries Coordinator, Office of. General Land Office. Indian Affairs, Offiee of. Mines Bureau. National Park Service. Petroleum Adminittration for

War. Reclamation Bureau. Solid Fuels Administration for


Page INTERIOR DEPARTMENT Con. Coal mines, possession and operation of certain companies authorized

(Executive Order 9536) 3939

Authority of Solid Fuels Adminis- trator for War. and delegation of authority to Deputy Ad- ministrator -- 3983

Order taking possession of listed mines and appointing oper- ating managers 39B3_

Office of the Secretary:

Coal mines taken possession of under Executive Order 9469, termination of possession; Philadelphia and Reading Coal

and Iron Co 4209

National forests; orders listing lands for entry under Forest Homestead Act, revoked: Chelan National Forest. Wash- ington 4362

Wallowa National Forest, Ore- gon 4362

Registers of district land offices, delegation of authority to, to Issue certain leases under

Small Tract Act 3778

Surplus property disposal; designa- tion as disposal agency. See Surplus Property Board.

INTERNAL REVENUE BUREAU: Excess profits tax:

Foreign countries and possessions,

credits for taxes of 4255

Taxable years beginning after De- cember 31. 1941; application of credit to cases ^Ithlh relief

provisions 4257

Excise tax; duties of Alcohol Tax Unit, authorization and aanc-

tion of svUts 3561

Income tax: Foreign countries and possessions,

credit for taxes of _ 4255

Internal Revenue Code; taxable

years beginning January 1,


General provisions; certificate to

be attached to return In

case of deductions for blind

individuals 4195

Supplemental provisions; credits against tax, for taxes of for- eign countries and posses- sions 4255

Foreign taxes, limitations on

credit for 4256

Subsidiary corporation, taxes

of 4256

Internal Revenue Code, taxable years ending December 31, 1941; credits against tax. for taxes of foreign covmtries and

possessions 4255

Domestic corporations owning a majority of stock of foreign

corporations 4255

Foreign taxes, limitations on

credit for 4255

Stabilization of aaiarles; determina- tion of contravention by Com- missioner, submission of reports. 3797